Back To School Tips: What’s A Busy Parent To Do?

It’s mid-August and that means back-to-school season is in full swing.  For busy parents just like me, the personal to-do list just got longer with a deadline while we get the kids ready for the New Year ahead.   In our home, we’ll have children in three different schools which will surely bring a vertical learning curve and countless adjustments when it comes to home organization and time management.  Three sets of school hours, two different bus schedules, three sets of school guidelines, two booster clubs, three PTAs looking for volunteers and special event planning…you get the picture.  So what’s a busy parent to do?

Since there always has and always will be just 24 hours in my day, finding solutions to streamline my to-do list is a top priority.  Whenever I need to squeeze my hours, I look to my schedule for the gift of found time.  What do I mean?  A window of opportunity where I might otherwise be tempted to waste time.  While the occasional coffee date is another great way to use found time between the last bus stop and the time my favorite store opens, finding early hours retailers I can visit instead will save me from the predictable stress evening shopping is sure to bring.  As well, finding retailers that offer not only grocery items but other categories is my jackpot for streamlining my stops.

Using found time wisely can have an emotional domino effect you may have never noticed.  For example, parents of college kids might find themselves buried in lists that include electronics, storage, travel and household items required to help students establish a home away from home.  By researching options and inventory online at warehouse retailers such as SamsClub.com, parents can accomplish their entire purchase on location at their local Club thanks to the wide range of product solutions.   Breaking up the steps between selection and final purchase can ease the transition and any anxiety your college student may have about the life changes that will come in the weeks ahead.

Parents of younger children may find their biggest challenge is agreeing on healthy lunch options for independent teens and creating inviting after-school snacks even the youngest students will be sure to enjoy.  To help engage my kids in all age groups, we spend time talking about their favorites and how we can mix them up, adding things like tortillas instead of bread or crackers, snack packs of fruit with dip instead of chips, and more.  I like to research new meal solutions designed to streamline my menu plan to match our busy schedule and find that the best time to do that is early in the day when the store is not crowded and I don’t have my kids along for the ride.  That way I can truly focus on finding options I can mix in with my family favorites, creating a balance of both taste and task we will all enjoy.

Every season has its priority and knowing how to minimize your shopping time by choosing a retail partner like Sam’s Club where you can find multiple solutions under one roof for the entire family is the kind of time management tip I love.   Remember, once you give away your time, it’s gone.  Use it wisely no matter what you do, leaving time for what matters most.

Enjoy your days!

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