Back to School ~ How to Organize Kids Closets

Back to School ~ How to Organize Kids Closets

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Focusing on how to organized my kids closets is one of the first spaces I get ready for back to school. After a busy summer, kids closets can be the downfall of any organized home.  Thanks to the freedom and fun of all that activity, my kids always have some work to do to tighten up their space to get it ready in time for back to school. Because I’m a big believer in making sure any space in my home works well for the person who is using it, here are my tips to help you organize kids closets with the end user in mind.

Save the Date

Let your kids know in advance that they’ve got a “play date with Mom”. Okay not exactly a play date but definitely let them know ahead of time that you’ve blocked some time to work together on their space and you are excited to do this with them.  Because I’m all about rewards for hard work, or bribes, whichever works best, make sure to have something fun planned afterwards to thank them for their focus and participation.  Remember that your kids will totally take their lead from you about this one so if you model a positive attitude about spending a summer afternoon this way, hopefully they’ll follow. If you can, time it with the weather  ~ a dreary day spent inside cleaning out a closet with a movie and popcorn in the playroom afterwards as a reward has never failed me once.

Empty and Edit

For me, the first step in any closet organization project is to empty it entirely from floor to ceiling and edit through every single item inside. Have 3 boxes ready to roll labeled TRASH, DONATE, KEEP to help you put things where they need to go as you go through them. And know that KEEP also means PUT AWAY.  While you are editing, use our Back to School Bundle Wardrobe Inventory Form so you know what clothing your child has and what you need to replace.

Label Shelves and Storage

Before you put anything back in the closet, label each storage location to make it easy for your kids to find what they need. Remember that for younger children you are teaching them how to organize through this process and picture labels are a dream for helping little people learn where to put things. Engage your older children in how they’d like to layout their things, using a simple word label on the front of shelves or bins so they can rush through the process as quickly as we both know they can.

Keep it Current

No matter how small or big your child’s closet might be, work hard to make sure it only holds what they need now. If you have enough space to store clothing for other seasons or hand-me-downs for the future, store these in labeled boxes as far out of sight and reach as you can make them. It’s not going to help anyone if swimsuits and summer gear are taking up premium front of the closet space when you really need thermal underwear and socks for boots.

Organized Outfits

For some kids and parents, an outfit organizer is your busy morning best friend, taking the guess work out of what to wear and making it easy to get ready without a fuss. A simple process that can easily be done with hangers labeled with the days of the week, work with your child to pick an outfit for every day and neatly hang it in their closet, all 7 ready to go. But in the name of keeping it real, for kids who like to blaze their own trail, it won’t matter how many outfits you carefully lay out together every Sunday, they’ll still want to change their minds. But the good news is you can put a framework on that by pointing them to any of the other 6 days of outfits neatly laid out and ready to go.

Consider Custom Storage

Because an empty closet is a blank canvas to me, I’m all about making the most of my apace and this inevitably leads to wanting to outfit it with the proper storage solutions for once and for all.  In 2012, I worked with EasyClosets on a series of videos sharing design considerations when creating the closets of your dreams.  This one is all about Kids Cloests ~ take a look!

So no matter if you are customizing the kids closets in your home or simply cleaning them out and working with the space you have, tackling this task before your kids go back to school is worth every effort.  It will point you in the right direction for any clothing needs, give you the gift of found space to make room for what this new year will bring, and will give your child an uncluttered closet to begin and end each and every day with ~ something that matters more than they can know.  Tell me…

How do you organize kids closets?  Do you involved your children or do it on your own?

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