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Back to School Checklist for Parents

I love back to school season!  While I always miss my children when they go back to school each fall, I love the excitement and anticipation the new year can bring.  What I don’t love is realizing how much work it might mean for me.  Let’s face it, the start of a new school year means adjustments for the entire family and it often starts with you.  This week, I’m delighted to be featured on Primrose Schools Dr. Z and Friends Blog sharing my Back to School Checklist for Parents.

An excerpt from the post….

Have a Communication Plan:  Think ahead about any communication that you’ll need to have with teachers, your partner and your childcare provider. Consider what kind of information you need to share and what kind of information you want them to share with you. This is all part of the partnership that is raising your child. By planning ahead, you’ll feel like you are informed about how your child progresses, grows and flourishes every day.

Dr. Z and Friends is wonderful community for parents with children often in childcare from birth to age six.  I’d love to see you there so stop by to catch the video and tell me…

What’s on your checklist for Back to School?

We’ve got a wonderful FREE Back to School checklist waiting for you right here on our Products page so grab it before you go!.  Thanks so much for spending time with us today ~ see you next time!

Disclosure: Thanks to Primrose Schools for engaging me to provide a monthly series on the Dr. Z and Friends Blog. I’m delighted to share tips focused on home organization and family time management with an eye towards families with working parents and children in childcare from birth to age 6.  My opinions are entirely my own.

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