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Have you heard the buzz about my favorite GO MOM!® printable at this crazy time of year? The  GO MOM!® Back to School Bundle is literally the ONLY way I can guarantee my own organized success. Seriously. Over the years I’ve shared all kinds of tips and insights about how to scale the insanely long to do lists that seem like they appear from no where (even though we knew it was coming all summer long!) and deal with the change in schedules and so much more.  So I put all that back to school goodness into one fabulous, colorful, most importantly truly useful printable bundle. Print it out, fill it up, and you are on you way to being your organized best. Check it out!

To put this together is incredibly easy, otherwise I wouldn’t bother to do it myself.  Just print out your GO MOM!® Back to School Bundle, have a 3 hold punch handy, and have your Sharpies or pens ready to go so you can color code like crazy. Make sure to also have a label maker, 5 slash pocket tabs, and a 1/2 inch binder to put it all together. Don’t hesitate to make that binder as fun and fancy as you like ~ I just tend to choose what’s inexpensive and easy to grab. Once you slip that cover page in the front, you are off and running! To point you in the right direction for how to set it up, take a look at what I did with mine:

Back to School Bundle ~ Printables by GO MOM!
  • Money ~ everything that impacts your money for back to school including expenses, supplies, wardrobe
  • Meals ~ pantry inventory, meal plan, grocery list
  • School ~ school contact list, medical history, organized room mom, organized online
  • Child ~ contact list, actives, sports, directions, chore chart
  • Notes ~ notebook paper

This is how I set up my GO MOM!® Back to School Bundle in a flash ~ SO easy and makes sense for me. Consider it a starting point for you to think about how you would set up your GO MOM!® Back to School Bundle. This bundle fits beautifully with our 2015-2016 DIY GO MOM!® Planner ~ all about helping you stay focused on managing your time. The Organized Week worksheet is the best way I know how to map out all my tasks ~ to do, to call, to buy, to organize ~ you name it, we’ve got you covered!

GO MOM! Printable Back to School Bundle| gomominc.com

We’d love to see how YOU set up your GO MOM!® Back to School Bundle so feel free to share a snapshot in the comments and as always, thanks so much for stopping by! Especially at this busy time of year, we are honored to be your resource for all things back to school when it comes to being organized. See you next time!

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