Back to School ~ 5 Spaces to Organize Now

Depending on where you live, you may be counting down the days to a mid-August first day of school. For those in the Northeast, this won’t happen until after Labor Day. And thanks to year round school calendars for some, here in North Carolina we’ve had “back to school” banter since 4th of July. While I love that our kids don’t start until late August, I’d be lying if I said my quest for peace isn’t tested by the “back to school” sales and to-do lists nipping at my “want to relax and enjoy the summer” heels. The good news is I know that if I don’t get our home in order before we bring all that “back to school” fabulous into our space, I’ll feel more overwhelmed than ever and that will only transfer over to my kids. That’s why long before I hit the store, I organize the house.

Back to School ~ 5 Spaces to Organize Now | gomominc.com

Before we go any further, check out our Back to School and College Mom Bundles! From elementary school to college, they are my roadmaps to walk through these final days of organized chaos while we adjust to new schedules, commitments, to-do lists and more.  Truly I don’t know how I’d survive August and September without them!

If you are going to live like you mean it, than its a place for everything and everything in its place.  So you’ve got to get your space ready to roll.  Which is why it’s probably a good thing that I get a bit twitchy to start to organize our world the second I see those back to school product sets.  That’s why I’ve got 5 areas of your home that deserve your back to school best.  Here you go!

And lucky for us both, I’ve got a fabulous round up of my favorite posts that cover these very spaces!

Back to School ~ How to Organize Kids Closets

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You have to go through them anyway to inventory your kids clothing before you shop for anything new so you might as well organize those kids closets and dressers for once and for all.

How to Organize Your Garage | gomominc.com

This might sound crazy but once school starts, you need an organized space for all those new soccer cleats, lacrosse sticks, or just more than you’d like to admit pairs of new tennis shoes.  We both know you’ll be flying in and out of the garage like a crazy woman some days ~ keeping it real ~ so you might as well organize that garage to save you time and money too.

Pantry Ideas for Back to School

The pantry is your launching pad for independence when it comes to breakfast, lunch, and after school snacks.  I’m all about making it easy for kids to get what they need and help out as much as they can.  So I dedicate time to get the pantry back to school ready.

Entryway Ideas for Back to School

Just like the garage, the entryway is its own kind of revolving door that deserves your organized attention.  Decide if its a drop zone or a place that can also accommodate coats and backpacks?  Are there enough hooks for all those coats and backpacks and what about the keys?  You see where I’m going and why you can’t go wrong when you organize the entryway.

Homework for Kids ~ An Organized Space

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While this might not impact you as directly, it will make all the difference in the world for your child if you simply dedicate a regular space for him or her to do their homework every day.  Maybe its the kitchen table, the dining room table, or even the ottoman. Wherever your child will do that homework, you need to take time to outfit it properly by creating a homework station so they have what they need to succeed in school.

Tell me…

What is the #1 area of your home that needs a back to school overhaul? 

If you are still feeling twitchy (it’s okay, I get it!), check out our Back to School and College Mom Bundles for the ultimate checklists helping you break down what you need to focus on while outlining key organizational tasks.  They are my roadmaps for walking me through these final days of organized chaos while we adjust to new schedules, commitments, to-do lists and more.  Truly I don’t know how I’d survive August and September without it.

Make sure to check out our Back to School Pinterest Board for all kinds ideas to help you every step of the way, not only from GO MOM!® but from around the web too.  And our GO MOM!® DIY Planner is the prefect compliment to it all, helping you focus on managing your time your time with the best Organized Week worksheet around.

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