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Today, September 19, 2013, is AT&T It Can Wait Drive 4 Pledges Day!  I have been honored to join AT&T as an It Can Wait Advocate as part of a summer long sponsored series in conjunction with the unprecedented nationwide industry public awareness campaign.  As the mother of two teenage drivers and a social media professional, I have so many opinions that I could not help but join the cause.  Today, however, is special.

Today, all across the nation, special events are happening where advocates like myself will gather in their communities to make it possible for every driver to make that personal commitment to not text and drive.  I’m thrilled to be guest speaking at GreenPea Baby & Child ~ a mom-owned baby and children’s boutique known for not only exceptional customer service but unmatched parent education classes.  I will be part of a morning event with all kinds great information about organizing both car and diaper bag for baby on the go. Certified staff will provide car seat safety checks and I’ll be teaching parents about why its so important NOT to text and drive and helping everyone take the #ItCanWait pledge.  Contrary to what you might think, its not just teens who text and drive. In fact sadly, more adults admit to it than teens.  We are guilty.  And they follow what they see.

Because social is as social does, I’m so hopeful you’ll see that #ItCanWait hashtag all over Facebook and Twitter.  If you do, like those posts, share them on your timeline, retweet what hits home.  Because in doing so you’ll be using your own influence to save a life. Start by taking the pledge and then let your family and friends know why they should too.  There is no better time than #ItCanWait and @ATT for Drive 4 Pledges Day to take the pledge to never text and drive again.  And if Instagram is your thing, the #ItCanWait campaign has your number.  Here’s how you can share the message:

  • Write #ItCanWait on your hand and take a photo of it
  • Upload to Instagram with #ItCanWait
  • Tell your followers why you’ve taken the pledge to never text and drive again—feel free to tag your friends!

If you want to see how far this goes, you can see other people’s reasons to not text and drive streamed all day long on September 19th on  AT&T ItCanWait.com. While you are there, take the pledge.  It truly can save a life.  Tell me…

Do you text and drive?

I hope this campaign has been a valuable learning opportunity for you and encourage you to pay it forward. Start the conversation today ~ and remember it begins with you. Thanks so much for stopping by!



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