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April Beauty Tips Short Cuts for Hair | gomominc.com

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Beauty tips for April always have me thinking about hair.  Thanks to a cooler than usual Spring, its not too humid yet but my days are numbered before the frizzy hair returns! Its week 2 in our GO MOM! Organizing Tips series for April with an entirely different twist ~ this month we are talking about beauty and shortcuts and this week its about your hair. I have naturally curly hair, you’d never know that today based on how its styled, but there are a few shortcuts and secrets that make sure your organized beauty routine works for you. I have no relationship with any of the product makers shown here yet they all demonstrate an important shortcut. April is the time when the seasons change and a perfect time to take a look at your hair care while you get ready for some fresh weather. Check out my tips below!

Beauty Tip #1 Clean or replace your hair brush.

When is the last time you cleaned or replaced your hairbrush? This is so important ~ make sure to get all the hair out and wash it with a little shampoo and if its really bad, you might consider using some alcohol too. But how do you know when it needs to be replaced? When it comes to a paddle brush, check the tips to make sure they aren’t worn because if they are, that means its time to replace it. Soft bristle brushes are different so know the process.

Beauty Tip #2 Use products that double dip to control your hair.

What kind of product do you need to make sure to use? When I wear my hair curly, I choose different products than when I wear it straight and both need to work overtime to keep my locks in place. Chose products that will double dip, both controlling while offering shine to give you your best finished look.

Beauty Tip #3 Use anti-humidity finishing sprays.

Consider the last step before you leave the house to keep your hair looking great. Here in Raleigh April means the return of humidity isn’t far away so I need a finishing spray that will keep the frizz away and keep my hair looking great. It won’t belong before I’m in a ponytail every day thanks to my time at the pool, in the sun, or under a baseball cap while out at my kids summer sports activities but before that happens, I want my hair to look great.

Beauty Tip #4 Use the best styling appliances you can afford.

When it comes to choosing a flat iron or curler, make sure to invest in a tool that will be the most efficient styling your hair as fast as is possible, and will help it hold the style as best it can. But of equal importance is making sure to choose a styling tool with the best warranty you can find. If you are going to use it every day, your investment should last.

A change of seasons is a great time to take a second look at your hair care routine and clean off those styling tools, those brushes, bring in some new hair products for the season, and make sure the final touch gives you a look that will last all day long. These are my beauty tips and hair care shortcuts for our April Organizing tips Series and I’d love to know…

What are your best beauty tips for hair care shortcuts? What are your favorite products?

Keep in mind this series is designed to help you live like your moving so if your house is on the market, your wouldn’t want to anyone to see that dirty hair brush and you should use it that way either! Make sure you stop by our Beauty Tips Pinterest Board for all kinds of pins including some from my favorite Mom Beauty Experts, NicoleVera, and Audrey.  They are all about the latest trends and products that will raise your beauty bar.  My hope is to simply show you how you can make choices about products and processes that will save you time.

Thanks so much for stopping by ~ we’ll see you next time!



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