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My All-Star Dad {Target’s Dove Men+Care Contest}

My All-Star Dad and Target's Dove Men+Care Contest

All-Star Dad is a sponsored campaign by Global Influence on behalf of Target’s Dove Men+Care product line. I said yes to this project because it gives me a chance to tell you about my Dad. You see you might not know this but my Dad is my business partner. When I founded GO MOM! in 2000, my husband and I poured our resources into the company and my Dad stepped in and funded me too. Not only has he been my key advisor but he’s also been my biggest supporter and I can honestly say that without his help, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

He was there with me as we launched our product with a minimalist website, selling it literally out of HIS basement, helping me with every single order, shipping planners one box at a time and handling so many countless details while I was busy juggling marketing our brand and that small detail of raising our young family. He was there to celebrate with me when we landed a major license partnership with Mead Westvaco in 2002, taking the production element our of our business and enabling us to focus on furthering my personal brand while expanding our reach. He was there when we ended that partnership in 2008 and took a huge leap into the world of social media and video blogging. And he has been there for every single interview, media event, blogging conference, consultant trip, and deadline, helping me out by shuttling my kids while I meet my goals.

All-star is defined as person having a high level of performance in their field. While the term is most naturally found in sports, its easily applied in other areas of life and parenting is one of them. When I think about what makes my Dad an all-star to me, it’s not what happened on the sports field. Yes of course he coached us even though sports weren’t really his thing. God bless the man he even weathered a series of softball teams that had 4 sets of sisters and boy did we bicker all season long! But what makes my Dad an all-star is that he’s been there for me when I’ve needed him most and its often through the smallest gestures that I’ve felt that ring true.

When I was in college I was 1500 miles from home and only able to get back for 3 breaks a year. One particular semester I had a terrible time with being homesick and things weren’t going so well. My Dad wrote me an occasional card with words of support and I still have those to this day. Today he has the same effect by just being in synch with our lives and asking me how he can help. From babysitting our youngest on a school night when her brothers have varsity sports that end late to simply calling me from Costco to see if he can pick up anything for me while he stops in for gas. He lives close by and I can honestly say that on my busiest of days, his calm helping hand reminds me how important it is to be fully present emotionally.

But in the name of keeping it real, I’m sure a big part of his being fully present now is because of that he may have missed when we were younger. My dad worked hard, incredibly hard, to provide for us and create the life he wanted with my Mom. And we all know that only happens with great sacrifice. His career skyrocketed in my high school years where he worked in Nebraska, Michigan, and California and in my sophomore year my parents moved to Virginia. Once in Virginia he reached the top of his career which also included a five year commute to Connecticut before he retired.

So I’m incredibly grateful that he is fully present now. And I hope we can enjoy being part of his life as he has so consistently been a part of ours. And that’s what makes him an all-star dad.

My All-Star Dad and Target's Dove Men+Care Contest

Now it’s your turn!  Dove Men+Care at Target wants to celebrate your All-Star Dad with tickets to this year’s 2014 MLB All-Star game in Minneapolis.  Show your Dad, husband or father figure how much you care and how he has impacted your life for a chance to win tickets to Baseball’s 2014 Midsummer Classic!  Simply submit a quick video explaining why your All-Star Dad is the best with the hashtag, #DOVEALLSTARDAD. Videos submitted via Instagram can be a maximum length of 15 seconds, while videos submitted through the sweepstakes microsite can be a maximum length of 30 seconds.

Once videos are submitted, Dove Men+Care and Target will select the top 10 videos. Starting 5/15/2014, viewers can vote on their personal favorites and will be entered for a chance to win a $10 Target gift card for voting. If your video is voted into the top 3, you’ll win an all-expense paid trip to the 2014 Midsummer Classic in Minneapolis with your Dad.  But you’ve got to act fast!!! Video submissions are being taken through Sunday, May 4, 2014.

If you enter, leave me a comment to let me know ~ I’d love to see your video!  Follow me on Instagram to see mine too.  Thanks so much for stopping by  and good luck!


Disclosure: special thanks to Global Influence for including me ing the Target Dove Mens+Care All-Star Dad Campaign.  All thoughts about my all-star Dad are clearly my own.


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