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This Friday the amazing new movie Brave will open and my entire family can not WAIT to see it!  Its been a LONG time since all three of my children, elementary, middle, and high school aged, have been in agreement that a new movie is a full family must see.  I can’t wait for a new strong heroine to join our princess conversations as our love for Disney storytelling only grows. Giving us a world of adventure to discover in our minds, it would be amazing to travel to the world of Merida in real life and explore the magic of Scotland and so much more.

Well as only Disney can do, perfectly timed late last month, Adventures by Disney announced its newest once in a lifetime vacation opportunity ~ SCOTLAND!  For anyone whose ever loved the “romance” of medieval life, this trip will have you hooked.  Think things like a castle tour with a family archery lesson, a private, yes PRIVATE tour of Edinburgh Castle, and then there’s the part where you get to go canoeing on the infamous Lake Lochness. No joke ~ YOU could be the one who finally sees the beast!

Permission to Post Disney Social Media WDW News 2012

This spring I was honored to attend the 2012 Disney Social Media Moms Celebration. While there, I had the wonderful opportunity to personally interview seasoned Adventures by Disney Tour Guide Dusty. Take a look to see what he has to say…

Tonight I’m at the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration and Gary, the funniest Disney Cast Member I know, is holding the camera for us! I’m here with Dusty and he has just shared a sneak peek with us about his amazing career.  Dusty shared that he’s been doing tours for six years and his craziest ever is South Africa because of the animals themselves.

Dusty: You just never know what they are going to do and when they just might be five feet away from you!

Me: I was so impressed to learn how you shift gears to make sure you are thinking out side the box to make sure you are always delivering on the Disney Promise.

Dusty: That’s correct above and beyond a magical experience that no one else can create. We have the magic and the power of the mouse behind us so we are able to think outside the box and do things on a whim to make sure everything is absolutely perfect.

Me: Its very enticing to know that when you do an Adventures by Disney vacation, guests really do get to forget about being in charge and simply enjoy the ride.

Dusty: Thanks to the Disney Difference, no detail is left untouched. Because everything is themed, every day is your story, you get go through and see the theme of the day, words of the day, learning all about what’s going on in your adventure, and you never know when you might get your pin of the day. Every day is a new pin, exclusive only to each adventure so you can only get them when you travel with us!

This is another great example for Disney to bring Dusty to our reception to show how the company is always bringing something new and thinking about your experience and how to make sure that the magic lives on no matter where you are in the world.  So tell me…

When you go on vacation, who worries about all the details while you relax?

Disclosure: Thanks to Disney Social Media for inviting me to attend Disney Social Media Moms Celebration. As part of my paid registration, I received for myself and my family discounted hotel accommodations, park tickets, attendance at special events, and branded merchandise. I was not asked to post about this event at any time. My opinions are entirely my own.

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