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A Summer Break from Blogging

A Summer Break from Blogging | gomominc.com

Just in time for a busy July, I’m in the midst of a summer break from blogging. But here’s a hint ~ given the fact that I’m posting today and the fact that Back to School season is right around the corner (have you noticed school supplies in your local box box store yet?) my summer break from blogging is winding down. Completely unplanned ~ I know, I KNOW!!! ~ taking a break from blogging found me so beyond content to keep my laptop closed and my keyboard quiet.

Somewhere in the process my subconscious took over and decided this obvious time off the grid had to happen now.  I credit this shift to the following things:

A Summer Break from Blogging | gomominc.com


  • A ridiculously fun first day of summer break from school ~ June 9th ~ that included my dear friend (who just happens to own the most amazing baby store in the universe!) and I taking our girls to the Taylor Swift concert here in Raleigh. Yes, we dressed up with our girls to look like the characters in the “Shake it Off” video and we even got a tweet from the Official Taylor Nation account praising our look!  We made SO many great memories with our girls that night I couldn’t think of anywhere I’d rather be than home this summer, close by for my tween to know I’m here without smothering her and ready to enjoy her every bit that I can.  Look for a post very soon about why I simply adore Taylor Swift and the magic of that concert for us all ~ seriously SO much good!

A Summer Break From Blogging | gomominc.com

  • Spending the next few days getting our oldest ready to head out to Arizona for his summer internship with USA Baseball.  While we are immensely proud of him for landing this incredible opportunity, sending him so far away wasn’t exactly what I had in mind the summer after his freshman year.  Not unlike sending them off to college, we had all kinds of logistics and details to tackle so he had my full attention when he wasn’t at work. You’d think I’d figure out by now that what I have in mind isn’t always what happens. Especially with college kids.

A Summer Break From Blogging | gomominc.com

  • Adjusting to a totally different summer routine.  The youngest with a swim team practice time an hour earlier and wanting to spend all day a the pool ~ twist my arm would you? And the middle child trying out for football as a rising senior. Why no,  he’s actually never played football, by all accounts is crushing it and oh my word possibly starting!!! Who knew? And why not? So proud of him for going for it ~ that will serve him so well as he too turns the corner on college.  So while I’ve juggled many a summer schedule, this particular transition had me out of sorts. Having your kids tethered but with longer leashes and so much more freedom (and responsibility) will do that to even the most experienced Mom on the block.
  • Needing time to collect my blogging thoughts.  So many ideas, so little time. So many social networks to maintain and early adopt ~ no I’m not on Periscope yet ~ so little time. So many website updates to freshen old posts and add beautiful photos keeping them evergreen for all, so little time. So many conferences to choose from, so little time.  SO many things to work on, SO much potential, SO MUCH NOISE.  Once I got through the end of the school year, I simply hit pause.

And because actions always and forever speak louder than words, I started this summer break with a summer break from blogging, totally present, in real life, and barely online.

Summer is my favorite season. I crave the constant sunshine all year long ~ I really think I’m one of those people who has problems with light deprivation in the winter no joke.  I love the heat and wearing workout clothes and flip flops every day. Seriously, if you see me in actual shorts I’m dressed up! I have no problem wearing a ponytail and no make up everyday ~ primping at its most simplified and I’m all in for simplified. I love the endless freedom of hanging at the pool because I savor that time with my kids knowing its flashing before my very eyes as it rolls by. I love watching my kids play their favorite sports, competitive athletes all three. And for the first time as the Mom of a college kid I ADORE having all three of my kids home together for at least part of the summer.  Playing, resting, reading, visiting, laughing, loving, being.

Summer is my exhale.

So every minute spent not doing what I love about this precious time with my family needs to be time exceptionally well spent.  And early June found me very reflective about what I do and why I do it. After attending the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration in May (more to come this summer on that I promise!) I found myself asking that question…A LOT.  So I found myself on this unplanned blogging break thinking about the answers.

What do I do?

My what seems pretty clear.  First, I share videos and posts full of all kinds of tips that I so hope will help you celebrate and organize, navigate school, sports, and travel, and live a lifestyle you love. I share what is on my calendar and to do list now knowing that if its happening for me its probably happening for you too. I share a handful of time tested and Mom approved DIY Printable Planners that I have created that I KNOW will help you with some of the greatest organizational hotspots Moms deal with day in and day out.  I work with brands as a digital media consultant most often helping them market to Moms but working in other channels as well. And truth be told, on my harder days, I daydream about jumping to the other side where budgets are big, teams are together, and success can be measured. Reaching key financial goals fights my creative heart for a more practical work life every, single, day. But we all know that so often the grass is always greener when viewed from the yard across the street.

So why do I do what I do?

And it’s the why that wins for me…every…single…time.

Because the why is my people, my family, my heart and soul.

My family is why I blog. My family is why I started GO MOM!® Inc. in 2000.  My family is why I was blessed with the idea of a GO MOM!® Planner in the first place.  My family is why I share tips on how to organize your home and manage your time along with a sprinkling other ideas as they come my way.  Bottom line, my family is why I have anything at all to share.  But I do this without sharing them.  They are my inspiration but not my profit model. And I’m good with that even if social media monetization says I have to use my family in pictures or video to succeed in this crazy space.  My family is why I continue to choose this unpredictable but flexible schedule ~ and if you know me you know how much I love unpredictability much less change ~ AHEM.  My family is why I have not pursued a different kind of work life, which is not to say that someday I might not.  But my family is why I am the business woman I am today.

My family has always been my why.

Now some social media “experts” may say I’ve got that backwards, that blogging because my family inspires me to create solutions that I think are worth sharing isn’t the golden ticket.  But without my family, I wouldn’t have the blessing of living this life that inspires me with so many clever ideas.  And based on my experience as a Mom, the best ideas are the ones we share with each other and adopt as our own by tweaking for our own family. So there’s a pretty great chance that often times you find these ideas cleaver and useful too.

I could not be more thankful. I can’t believe its been 15 years. When I started this journey I had one less child and the boys were in preschool and kindergarten.  Fast forward to today and I simply can’t believe I have kids in college, high school, and middle school ~ how did THAT happen???

So there you have it.

Home with my people is where I’ve been, sharing videos and posts, products, and working with brands is what I do, and my family is the one word answer for why I do it.  My summer is all about making memories that last a lifetime in between real life home and work to-do lists and childhood meltdowns, the tween emotional roller coaster and teens rolling their eyes, the sporting events and family celebrations that are so darn much fun, a much anticipated week at the beach sharks or no sharks ~ North Carolina at its finest~ not to mention staying up late to make sure people get home in time for curfew ~ can you so OMG???

I really am the Mom next door, taking it all one day at a time while I continue to color code my organized world.  And I hope what I share helps you do the same. Here’s to a wonderful summer with your family and when you stop by, we so hope you are thrilled that you did. Thanks so much for stopping by today!

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  • Jo-Lynne Shane June 30, 2015, 9:10 am

    I love that your family comes first for you, Molly. And I can SO relate about summer. I LOVE summer. 🙂 Enjoy the rest of it, and I look forward to your organizing tips when the BTS rush begins! xo

  • Nicole Feliciano June 30, 2015, 11:27 pm

    so thrilled you got a break to enjoy the family.

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