A Mom’s Guide to Senior Year

If you are the Mom of a high school senior, the back to school fall of their senior year takes those “My baby is all grown up!” mixed emotions to an entirely new level.  While this season in their lives has always seemed so far away, this fall is when the grown up rubber meets the road and its game on for you to be organized.  Seriously.

 Your GO MOM!® DIY Planner is likely already full of must meet deadlines and special events all…year….long! If you’ve yet to fill it out, visit your high school website where you’ll find special dates and deadlines for seniors, again, all…year….long.

Not only do I feel twitchy when my calendar is already full from September to May, but I feel that nagging pressure that it all has to be the best ever, the last ever, the most amazing everything EVER! It makes me crazy stressed.

Whether you realize it or not, your family dynamic is shifting before your very eyes. While in the past you may have split yourselves between kids events, now you don’t want to miss a single performance or game because they are a series of lasts. While in the past you may have had some leeway if you missed turning in an order form, now you can’t miss application deadlines or else your child may miss a key collegiate opportunity. While in the past your year was full of the usual academic rigors, now you have additional studying for college testing along with making time to tour and guide your child to decide what schools might be right for them. And while in the past you may have had a tight financial year or two, now its game on to have your financial ducks in a row as you transition your child into this next stage of financial commitment and independence.

If you are the Mom of a high school senior, I've created a guide to senior year that will pave an organized path for you all the way to graduation day.

This journey begins sooner than we think and is over before we know it, launching both students and families into an entirely new partnership.  After you download the GO MOM!® College Mom Bundle – college applications, financial aid, packing checklists, record keeping and so much more will be streamlined into one central location giving you a road map to success. Get your copy today!

As we walked through this with our oldest and are now turning the corner on senior year with our next child, as in all things parenting, no two kids are EVER the same.  That playbook we’ve been looking for these 20 some years remains as elusive as ever and so it goes that we are figuring it out along the way.  But to know me is to know I love a good plan, even if it’s full of plan Bs and things I never thought of before. So if you are the Mom of a high school senior, I’ve created a guide for senior year that will pave an organized path for where you today all the way to graduation day. Check it out!

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Feeling overwhelmed yet?  I totally hope not because that is the exactly the opposite of what this post is designed to do.  You’ve got a lot of GREAT experiences ahead Mom. Its time to live in the moment and savor these quickly passing days.  They will be gone before you know it and if you spent them worried about the organizational details you’ll have missed out on focusing on what matters most.

Get organized now and put your calendar and to-do list on autopilot. Prompting you to use them well is what I’m here for.


As our oldest heads back to his college campus soon, our middle son is turning this very important corner as he begins his senior year.  I’m humbled yet again to be the mother of such amazing kids.  Not because of their GPAS, test scores, athletic accomplishments, internships or anything of that sort, I’m humbled because of the men they are becoming and the dreams they plan to achieve.  I can’t take credit for any of that but I am so grateful God choose me to walk beside them along the way.

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What are you most excited for when it comes to your child’s senior year?

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    Hello Molly ! Want all advice tips and to do’s I can get for my senior daughter in high school please!

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