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A Magical Disney Weekend

This weekend is a Disney lovers dream where Walt Disney World is the center of the magical universe (of course that’s typical for Disney fans all the time isn’t it?). First, October 1st marks the 40th Anniversary of Walt Disney World! As a parent of 3 kids, its hard to imagine a world without Disney’s magical influence, inspiring them to dream beyond all reality and giving them real life examples of dreams come true. My dear friend Amy couldn’t stay home, taking her sweet family along with her not only for the 40th anniversary festivities but to also run the Disney Halloween 5K ~ her first race ever and all part of her journey having recently lost 25 pounds! Thanks to social media, I’ve been so lucky to meet new friends including Whitney and Jodi, each Disney Moms Panel members currently on hiatus and absolutely attending the Moms Panel Meet and Greet.

As if all of this is not enough, I was completely covered in Pixie Dust when I visited with my friend Colleen last week in New York.  Over dinner she mentioned in her always gracious and lovely manner that she will be traveling to London, England and attending Rapunzel’s official welcome as the 10th Disney Princess!  Now that is truly magical, almost inconceivable in its off the hook possibility, excpet that Colleen is an absolutely adorable (and wicked smart) gal who has worked with Disney in a variety of ways.  So after I picked my mouth up off the floor, squealed in disbelief, and then remembered the power of Pixie Dust, Collen shared that her trip also includes attending Royal Procession and Ceremony at Kensington Palace ~ HELLO!!! ~ on October 2, 2011.  Finally, while in London, she will also host a transcontinental Twitter party~ how cool is that?   She’ll be sharing  awesome Rapunzel insights and wonderful Disney themed prizes too.

I can’t wait to follow Colleen’s tweets @ClassyMommy over the next few days and join her for the Twitter Party, co-hosting stateside with the amazing Melissa @GirlyMamaMel.  Here is how you can be part of Rapunzel’s Celebration ~

1. Follow @DisneyLiving on Twitter for the latest reveals of where she’s been spotted around London.

2. Share pictures of Rapunzel from @DisneyLiving with the hashtag #RapunzelCelebration

3.  Join Colleen and her co-hosts for the Twitter Party Saturday, October 1 at 11:00 am EST  ~ no RSVP necessary! Come for the conversation and prizes and remember to use the hashtag #TangledTweets.

I’ll be taking a break from fall yard work ~ yes, that was a very hard choice for me ~ and I hope you will have some time Saturday morning to join us too!  What do you love about Rapunzel?

Disclosure:  I am not working or affiliated with Disney Living, Walt Disney World, or Walt Disney World UK.  I am simply doing a favor for a friend supporting the most magical brand on earth =)


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  • Whitney September 30, 2011, 12:53 pm

    Molly, we’re here and already relaxing at Shades of Green! The sunset last night was beautiful, followed by a trip to Downtown Disney to get us in the mood for a fabulous downtown weekend! Wish you were here, too!

  • Molly Gold September 30, 2011, 12:56 pm

    Hi Whitney! That’s fantastic! I know it will be a fabulous weekend for you full of once in a lifetime Disney awesome ~ enjoy and so definitely wish I was with you too =)

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