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7 Last Minute Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

7 Last Minute Gift Ideas for Mother's Day

Last minute and Mother’s Day Gift Ideas don’t seem like they should go together but honestly? Often times they just do.  This is my 18th Mother’s Day and over the years I’ve had all kinds of special (and not so special) Mother’s Day gifts and celebrations.  Years when my husband had to travel for work or one of our kids was sick, years when our kids were young and I hosted my own mother and mother-in-law for a special dinner meaning I was working all day to prepare and even a Mother’s Day or two spent at the ball field ~ its true.  If your family is scrambling to figure out what to do in time for Sunday, now is a great time to let them off the hook. Seriously.  I can’t stand a special day that’s stressful for the people I love to throw together because it often means they spend money on things I might not love as much as they think I would.  So I’d much rather make it as simple as it gets so I can enjoy my day and they will know that I truly do.  So here are my seven FREE last minute Mother’s Day gifts to save your special day.

Load My Ipod

Our ITunes account is full of music for every family member’s personal taste.  Asking each of my kids and my husband to make me a playlist from their favorites is a great way to take them with me wherever I go.  Its also fun because its like a window into their world and honestly just helps me know a bit more about them.  While it’s safe to say I might not listen to my oldest son’s hard rock playlist when I want to relax, it might be just the ticket for the last 5 minutes of my elliptical workout.

Organize Our Pictures

To know me is to know I have my own personal demons when it comes to organized pictures.  The good news for you is when I share about it, you know I’m human ~ after all we can’t be good at everything we need to do, even when its your sweet spot like organizing is mine.  So because I have a backlog of digital organizing to do, having my family spend some time working to offload pictures from my laptop to our external hard drive and then save back up copies of the pictures onto DVDs that are labeled by year and event is a HUGE gift.  Not only will it put a dent in my to-do list of things not pressing but still important, it will also take give me the gift of time.  When  you’ve got a long way to go, that’s a gift without a price tag.

Plan a Family Picnic

Because spring is my children’s busiest athletic season, down time is at a premium for things like hanging out on a Sunday afternoon. And even though it seems like you are never home, it can also seem like on the weekends, you never get out of the house to just savor theses beautiful Spring days.  Ask your family to plan for a picnic at a local park complete with activities like hiking, fishing, playing frisbee, flying a kite, playing with the dog, and bringing a cooler big enough to feed them all day long.  All you have to do is settle in and relax.  And put on sunscreen and bug spray so you don’t fry while you take that nap on the blanket.

Write Me a Note of Thanks

Hands down my favorite gifts from my children remain the  homemade ones they took time to put together.  Now that my kids are all double digits and one is almost off to college, its heartfelt words that mean more than anything to me.  Make it easy for your kids to execute by providing all the supplies like note cards, nice paper, envelopes, and colorful pens and markers. Then give

Cook Me Dinner

Making dinner on weeknights is enough to stress any Mom out so making me a special dinner on a beautiful Sunday in May is a lovely way to show you care. For women who cook 365 this could be ground breaking!

Do Your Laundry

Another incredibly time consuming chore, laundry never, ever goes away.  Because I’m often doing a load or two every single day all spring long by the time I get to mid-May I’m bribing myself to actually fold and hang things as soon as they are done.  Believe me I’ve been known to simply get through all the loads and then have a marathon folding session while I watch mindless TV to try to clear my mind.  When your weekdays are a whirlwind, the weekend can be all about catching up so take “do the laundry” off my list and again, I’ve just found hours of time to do whatever I want.

Clean Our House

Really.  From top to bottom, dust (including baseboards, ceiling corners, and ceiling fans) mop, and vacuum with a dash of sparking bathrooms and a super clean kitchen and I’m as happy as a clam.  Why?  Because while my family cleans the house, I get the entire day, possibly even 2 days, to do whatever I want, all by myself!  Read a book, workout, take a hike at the lake, use an old gift certificate from last year for that pedicure I’ve been putting off.  Taking chores off my plate is both liberating and refreshing and the gift of a clean house in the midst of a busy spring is priceless for Moms like me.

Ask any busy Mom and she’ll tell you the gift of time to enjoy her day as she chooses is a priceless commodity. While the ideas on this Mother’s Day gift list might not be glamorous, they might just be the most meaningful ideas out there for the busy Mom who loves you so. Tell me…

What do you want for Mother’s Day?

Thanks so much for stopping by ~ we’ll see you next time!


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