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13 Must Have Tools for the Garden

13 Must Have Tools for the Garden

Anytime I start a project I always make a list of my must have tools.  While this week is focused on how to spring clean outside, I can’t help but turn to getting my gardening supplies in order so that when the weather FINALLY breaks (can you say longest winter ever??) I can get outside and not have to spend time getting ready to go.  Just because I love to spend time in my garden does not mean I want these chores to take longer than they need to so over the years I’ve discovered a few items that give me all kinds of short cuts too. Here are my 13 must have tools for the garden.

Must Have Tools For Me

Sunscreen:  Speaks for itself!  Because its often hot while I’m in the garden I choose a sunscreen that would also be suitable for sports ~ translation it can handle a little sweat and still do the job.  I don’t always use bug spray ~ it just depends on the time of year.

Hat:  The best way I know how to both protect the face on my skin (along with sunscreen) and help keep me cool if I’m in the direct sun.  Yes I have a water bottle handy too.

Comfortable Shoes:  Remember when you learned to mow the lawn and your Dad told you to make sure to wear closed toe shoes?  The same is true for gardening but I’ve found based on the kind of work I do in the yard, I’m fine with an open heel.  I love Crocs because they breath and are a breeze to clean up.

Gloves:  I have no problem digging in the dirt and its my love of gardening that has me rarely spending money on a manicure.  Lets face it, the polish will chip and the nails will fall off.  But that doesn’t mean I don’t protect my hands. Gloves make sure you’ll minimize the scratches you’ll be risking when you trim those rose bushes or calluses  you earn after you dig up that hedge.

Kneeling Mat:  Not just for grown ups, a kneeling mat makes it easy to get into the garden no matter if you are in the grass, the actual planting bed, or on the sidewalk in front of the bed.  Keeping it easy on the knees means you’ll have a much fuller day.

Lawn Cart:  The best way I know how to minimize my trips back and forth for supplies is to use a generously sized lawn cart that can handle both plants and tools all in one.  Choosing one that can also fold up just makes for smart storage considerations once it goes back in the garage or shed.

Hand Tools:  While it might seem obvious to have a good set of hand tools, you’d be amazed at how much time you waste when you don’t. Make sure your hand tools are in good shape with proper edges, sturdy handles, sharp blades, whatever they need to help you work smart so your don’t have to work hard.

Big Tools:  See above!


Must Have Tools For the Garden

Hose Reel:  Our yard has a sprinkler system in front but not in back. Its also more than a 1/2 acre big. That means I’ve got garden beds and grassy areas that need water and they are far from the source.  A portable hose reel is the answer to a thirsty garden’s prayer and also makes it easy for you to store your hose all year long.

Edger:  There’s nothing more polished than a good clean edge on both your beds or along lead walks and driveways.  Many yard tool systems have a series of attachments that begin with the basic trimmer and go on from there.  Look for an edger to make your beds the bomb.

Leaf Blower:  Another great attachment for your yard tool system, the leave blower makes clearing beds of unwanted debris much easier both before and after you rake.  Just make sure you don’t bring it in just after laying a new round of loose mulch.  Messy messy messy!

Debris Bags:  Depending on your town’s policy on yard debris, you may need to bag and store this beast before it can be hauled away.  Paper yard waste bags are eco friendly, decomposing easily and helping you keep the debris contained while you work through your beds.

Wheelbarrow:  Perhaps the signature piece in any gardening tool collection, a sturdy wheelbarrow that is both deep and equipped with a major tire will make it possible for you to haul just about anything to where you want it to be.

So that’s my list!  Even if it’s cold and dreary, get out in your garage or your garden shed and take inventory of what you’ve got to see what needs to be replaced.  When it comes to big projects like spring yard work and gardening, sometimes getting ready is half the battle.  I hope my list of must have tools for the garden gets you pointed in the right direction for knowing what you need and how you’ll use it. Tell me…

What are your must have tools for the garden?

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  • Jendi March 28, 2014, 11:58 am

    Great list! I don’t use a kneeling mat but no that it would be very helpful. And I love Crocs for gardening! When they get too messy you can just put them in the dishwasher – but not with the dishes. 🙂

  • Sarah Pinnix March 30, 2014, 9:45 pm

    I’ll never forget when I wanted to buy a trowel, and my husband said, “We don’t need a trowel, we’ll just use a shovel.” Then the next year we were splitting the loriope and he said, “Where’s the trowel?” Me: “Last year you said we didn’t need one.” Him: “Why would I say that? Of course we need one.”

    So… a trowel.

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